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电池加工中灌封工艺的 质量性 安全性 问题对当今的移动技术革新推进有重要影响。ViscosTec 维世科助力 Von Roll 公司进行未来 电池生产中的安全性测试研究 ,避免隐藏在电池生产过程中的风险。

The quality in potting and safety of battery technology is closely linked with the mobility revolution. ViscoTec supports Von Roll on the testing research of safety on mordern battery production to avoid risks in the air.

案例背景 Background

电池加工中灌封工艺的质量性和安全性有着什么共同点(电池加工中的灌封质量和安全性是如何做到鱼与熊掌, 两者兼得的)?

“对于适用于电动汽车,商业运输工具,或者是电动自行车和电动两轮摩托车的电池技术,究竟哪一种具有更长的持续性,更佳的经济性,更高的安全性和更长的使用期? ”这些问题与当今的移动技术新革命有着息息相关的联系

存储电池的使用可靠性很大程度上取决于其自身加工过程中的“纯净度” :一方面,单个电池单元必须用特殊研发的灌封流体固定在电池外壳中间。 另一方面, 所灌入的混合流体必须在固化后完全不会产生气泡和杂质。 这是避免当电池承受极端外部影响时(例如跌落或者撞击),任何内部残留的气泡成为起火阻燃剂的唯一方法 。

What quality in potting and safety have in common?

The mobility revolution is closely linked to the question of which battery technology is sustainable, cost-efficient, and safe enough to be permanently established for electric cars, commercial vehicles, e-bikes or two-wheelers.

The operational reliability of such a storable battery depends to a large extent on its clean machining: On the one hand, the individual battery cells must be fixed in the battery housing with specially developed potting compound. On the other hand, the cured compound must be absolutely free of air bubbles and impurities. This is the only way to ensure that a battery can withstand extreme external influences - triggered by a fall or collision, for example - and that any air bubbles do not become a fire accelerant.

针对于上述的特殊要求, Von Roll 集团的工程师们, 进行了专门的研究和分析, 诸如灌封剂这样的流体, 必须由哪种成分组成, 以及用何种方法进行混合组成部分。并通过对一个含有电池单元的样品组件进行试验后, 阐明了如何将由多种成分组成的灌封混合剂精准得传输分配到电池模块中。 此项测试研究的目的就是通过精准地传输灌封剂来确保电动摩托车/自行车所用电池的安全生产 Von Roll 找到了 ViscoTec 维世科来合作 进行此项电池生产安全性的测试研究。

通过上述测试和研究,Von Roll 集团希望能够获得对以下两个方面的可行性提供有力的依据和数据:





The engineers of the Von Roll Group investigated the question of what components, such as a potting compound, must consist of, and how it can be mixed in a process-safe manner. They also had to clarify how the multi-component potting compound could be precisely dispensed into a battery module - a sample component - with battery cells inside. The aim was to produce a safe two-wheeler battery by precisely dispensing the right compound.

In this way, Von Roll wanted to generate meaningful data on whether 1) the dispensing technology tested on a laboratory scale can be easily transferred to series production and 2) the dispensing process can be transferred to larger battery models.

测试 Testing

在此次研究测试中, 所使用的是 Dolph’s Damival 系列的双组分聚氨酯树脂, 型号分别为13682 和 13683。在实验室规模的测试,它们以 7.14:1 和 7.69:1 [vol] 的比例分别从支装罐中混合到一个由铝制成并配有圆形电池单元的模拟电池模组中。

新知达人, 通过完美精准的点胶工艺确保电池生产中的最佳电气绝缘性能!

Dolph's Damival 13682 and 13683, two-component polyurethane resins, were used. For the laboratory-scale test, they were mixed from a cartridge in a ratio of 7.14:1 and 7.69:1 [vol] into a dummy battery module made of aluminum and fitted with round cells.

经过与 ViscoTec 维世科的工程师的深入沟通后,Von Roll的研发人员决定采纳ViscoTec推荐并使用型号为 ViscoDuo-VM 12/8的双组分点胶阀 进行测试,这是一款 基于螺杆无限循环技术研发的双组分流体分配器 。它适用于 Von Roll 公司所应用到的 Dolph's Damival 13682 and 13683 双组分流体,可以按各自的体积将两种成分精确地灌封入单个电池单元之间的外壳中。

After intensive dialog with the engineers at ViscoTec, the developers at Von Roll decided to use the ViscoDuo-VM 12/8, a valveless 2-component dispenser based on established progressive cavity technology. It is suitable for Von Roll's Dolph's Damival, whose two components can be precise and volumetrically dispensed and applied into the housing between the individual cells using this process.

新知达人, 通过完美精准的点胶工艺确保电池生产中的最佳电气绝缘性能!

为了简化整个传输流程,在进行灌封之前,所涉及到的双组分流体材料均已被加热——加热有利于改善流体的流动特性,因此可以完全避免气泡的产生。当加工完成后,合适的混合比例可以保证灌封剂的最佳固化。对此,Von Roll 的研发人员特别强调,在灌胶传输被停止后, 不仅可以有效地避免了材料的浪费,并且铝托盘中所灌封的表面是均匀平整

To simplify the process, both components and material were heated - air bubbles could therefore be completely avoided due to the improved flow properties. Once the application was complete, the correct mixing ratio guaranteed optimum curing of the potting compound. Here, Von Roll placed particular emphasis on a dispensing stop that reliably avoided material waste and guaranteed a homogeneous surface of the potting compound in the aluminum tray.

新知达人, 通过完美精准的点胶工艺确保电池生产中的最佳电气绝缘性能!

新知达人, 通过完美精准的点胶工艺确保电池生产中的最佳电气绝缘性能!

在实际测试中, 成为Von Roll 研发人员支持继续使用ViscoTec 维世科的 ViscoDuo-VM 胶阀的另外一个依据就是 即便是更换双组分物料, 依然可以得到相同的输送表现

The fact that Von Roll can also count on the sameperformance characteristics when changing the 2-component material was anotherargument in favor of the ViscoDuo-VM.

Von Roll

Von Roll,作为一家专业生产可适用于极端苛刻环境参数下,应用于各种电气设备和电子元件生产所用的树脂的位于瑞士的制造商,还致力于研发其生产树脂配方的可持续性,用以延长零部件使用寿命和提高其性能的。

The Swiss company specializes in resins that are used across all industries wherever electrical devices and electronic components are used under demanding environmental parameters. The company therefore also focuses, among other things, on the development of sustainable formulations that can be used to extend the service life of parts and components and improve their performance.

根据上述这一需求,ViscoTec 流体传输分配技术的 另一个优势是其模块化结构, 可以根据实际需求组合构建不同的胶枪 。这样模块化结构设计有着显而易见的优势,特别是从批量生产的角度来观察, 模块化结构带来的是可以提供较长的维护周期或者简单便捷和快速的模块部件更换。

Another advantage of ViscoTec dispensing technology in this context is likely to be its modular structure. Particularly with a view to transfer to series production, long maintenance cycles or simple parts replacement at module level are clear added values.

总结 Summary

在Von Roll 公司测试所使用的双组分 ViscoDuo-VM 点胶机既展现了其最便捷应用的一面,又可以通过完美精准的点胶工艺确保了在将来的电池生产中的最佳电气绝缘性能。通过精确应用灌封混合料可以确保所生产电池的具有必要的防火性能,以及最佳的导热性。此外,精确的点胶,灌胶和固化是树脂和电池具有最佳机械性能的基础。

All in all, the 2-component ViscoDuo-VM dispenser at Von Roll shows its most flexible side and can ensure optimum electrical insulation properties in battery production in the future through perfect dispensing. The necessary fire resistance of the batteries produced, can be ensured by precise application of the potting compound, as can their optimum thermal conductivity. In addition, precise dispensing and curing are the basis for demonstrably best mechanical properties of the resins and therefore of the battery. Here you can find more details about our customers and the application.

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