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卓越体验 | 组织绩效持续提升的促动者 2021/11/24 10:36


Ruth Cook(行动学习协会创始人/总经理)



Hi I am Ruth Cook, the founder and the managing director of action learning associates.

大家好,我是Ruth Cook,行动学习协会的创始人和总经理。

And I want to introduce Caroline Broadhurst, who is a Deputy Chief Executive at Rank Foundation.

我想介绍Caroline Broadhurst,她是兰克基金会的副首席执行官。

Caroline, could you firstly tell us what you do and what the Rank Foundation does?



Yes, sure, thanks! I am the deputy chief executive.


The Rank foundation is a grant making charity based in UK and it is a family foundation so we still have family members from the Rank family who support our work on trustee board.


We work with lots of small and medium sized charities and social enterprises right cross the UK.


And we operate what we call relationalEngaged Philanthropy so really get to know the organizations, the leaders of the organizations and how they work with enterprises them and their pursuit of helping change. The challenges they have here in the UK.



Thank you. So tell us how do you view action learning.



Ok. I was introduced to action learning ten years’ ago and I took part into something called core leadership program and you know I was a participant in action learning and I find it challenging and everything I find challenging I felt what was curiosity.


So it was the practice I find if I stuck with it on a personal level and in my own work. You know practice it well and with progress and it can transform conversations and experiences in work.


So that’s my introduction. I run the program for the Time to Shine Leadership Program where we have people who want to get into the social sector and they have the skills and the work ethic.


They really want to do this, what they don’t have is the experience. We also brought in the charities. They really need the skills but we have a resources to support those people.


We take those people to come to the charity sector. Part of that offer is learning and development and the big part of the offer is action learning. So all of them are participants. This year we have over 130 organizations and they all participate in cohort action learning.



And you also trained trying internal facilitators. Could you talk a bit about why you did that and how that worked out?



Through this program Time to Shine, we started it some years ago probably with ten time to shiners, who were really skilled and continued to grow.


And we wanted a platform of dialogue where everyone had a way of communicating and understanding their role being supported in many of their different roles.


So we recognize that for people or facilitators to do this, and understand that we need to grow them up within the organizations and in the foundations.


We have reached to our network and those who have already participate in action learning sets had the opportunity to train and with yourselves in action learning.


So we have the high quality right through the whole network and we now have I think at least 18 action learning facilitators, who each at least leads one group and you can see the numbers are growing. but we have consistency, clarity and proper structure right through the program.



So you made it very cost effective for the Rank Foundation because you have trained the facilitators and they have the experience of action learning and you trained the facilitators and now they are going off running action learning sets for you.



It is very cost effective which, of course, is a big thing in a charity sector, but equally important to us is the quality we know and Time to Shine is my baby so I am pretty precious about it


and I know with the skill I can’t do on my own obviously anymore and trust the facilitators all understand the art of action learning and about impact it can have on each of those time to shine leader of the group, the cohort.


They in turn use action learning in their organization and their home life as well. Our struck line of Rank Foundation is the pebble in the pond. It is a good example of how we have that impact by retaining the quality makes it a big difference.



Pebble in the pond is really a great way of describing action learning as well as time to shine program. What difference would you can say action learning have made? what you have gained from using action learning?



As an organization, the main thing is that I don’t have to be in the room. I should have said that our action learning office in … has been a hybrid, and some in person more recently.


And time to shine leaders love that connecting and meeting up. We’ve also been offering that virtually as well, so wherever that action learning is, I, as individual and my colleagues don’t have to be there and we know the quality is there throughout.


For me the key is we are developing a whole new generation or social sector leaders who have fantastic listening skills learnings and the appreciation of how to help someone find their own solutions and answers.


Many people, like me, in a sector probably we always want to have an answer at the tip of our tongue and hold that back and ambulant to impart so that people find that themselves.


and for me, having these in a DNA generation of social sector leader, it is fantastic start for them in their career moving forward. I am a great fun of action learning, but for me that is really important that the quality is there but that armory for them in many ways as you know it is a tough call the work we do especially small and medium sized charities working at grass root level and they have that appreciation, have the listening skills and they have the process to trust and work through of action learning.



Fantastic! Carolyne, it’s been really fantastic work alongside you and see how time to shine program has grown. It is brilliant model for the social sector. Thank you very much and thank you for taking the time to share this with us today.



Thank you!