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Chatbot is the next paradigm shift, here’s why | Chatopera

Chatopera | 企业聊天机器人 2021/10/14 23:49

Imagine 50 years ago…

While dining in your favourite restaurant, a robot waiter comes and asks "what do you want to order"?

She then remembers the food you order often and gives you recommendations.

After dinner, you go back to your car.

You tell your built-in robot where you want to go and set a reminder for tomorrow's agenda.

You feel tired and set your car on autopilot.

Upon reaching your destination, your chatbot wakes you up.

You then ask your chatbot to park in the parking lot and pick you up in an hour.

When you are at home, you say "Hey, help me get the TV monitor and play music."


You only can see these scenes in movies 50 years ago.

Now, these are not just science fiction, these are realities.

If we can experience this now, what will the world look like in 2045?

What will the world look like in 2045?

To prepare our minds into understanding the future, especially the future of chatbots, and how they will become a part of our daily existence, Expert.ai has this to say:

"Chatbot applications streamline interactions between people and services, enhancing customer experience. At the same time, they offer companies new opportunities to improve the customers' engagement process and operational efficiency by reducing the typical cost of customer service."

Accelerating progress in AI and automation is creating opportunities for businesses, the economy, and society.

新知达人, Chatbot is the next paradigm shift, here’s why | Chatopera

Source: CASE, go get her clip, Interstellar

Some biggest names in the industry made some bold predictions, for instance, Ray Kurzweil, a director of engineering at Google, is a well-known futurist with a track record for accurate predictions.
Kurzweil said, "The year 2029 is the consistent date I’ve predicted, when an artificial intelligence will pass a valid Turing test—achieving human levels of intelligence. I have also set the date 2045 for singularity — which is when humans will multiply our effective intelligence a billion fold, by merging with the intelligence we have created."
新知达人, Chatbot is the next paradigm shift, here’s why | Chatopera
In short, by 2045, human achievable artificial intelligence will reach human level. In fact, according to @computerutopia , computing power is predicted to exceed that of all human brains sometime around 2045, hence ushering in the "Technological Singularity" age.
The singularity can be described as a runaway effect from the growth of technology; computer intelligence will equal human intelligence, and then skyrocket past the limitations of humans.
This further illustrates that intelligent dialogue robots could do more tasks because they better understand human behaviours and handle dialogues more efficiently.
If this happens,  what we see in the movies has been realized. What a year to be alive!

New Evolutionary Concept: Chat as a Service

In the past, many services were delivered with offline experiences. But, with the maturity and popularization of AR, VR, and artificial intelligence, much consumption will occur online.
The surge in internet activities has seen chats become the main form of online services: consumers and human customer service or robots. We should note that on the side of the consumer, individuals have many robot assistants.
The next-generation application publishing platform is a chatbot platform based on natural language interaction. Today, consumers and users alike obtain services through chat. Chatbot applications today run beyond mobile phones; it is everywhere.

How Chatbot is fueling the Metaverse

Chatbot operators will be the essential players that form the true Metaverse - The next generation of internet, web 3.0.
Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of @Facebook, has on multiple occasions iterated that he wants Facebook to be primarily thought of as a metaverse company—a sci-fi concept that says we will all one day spend significant chunks of time in a fully immersive, digital space. One of such moments has been captured by The Verge.
A Chatbot can, in reality, become a personal assistant, or in the Internet of Things, enable people to interact in the form of natural languages. An example is a built-in dialogue robot in a car that triggers various driving behaviours, such as turning on the wiper, automatic parking, automatic camera, etc., in response to voice commands.
The metaverse opens the internet to every connection with every device we make. This means that if a business wants to work with people in different countries, time zones, or even using other languages, they can all meet together in one place through nothing more than the internet. And this is where chatbots come in.

 What role does Chatopera play in this process?

The year 2045 has a lot of promises as long as human-robot interaction is concerned.
Chatopera is striving to minimize the gap between developers and intelligent dialogue robots implementation to ensure that the robots being built are as intelligent as humans, if not better. With Chatopera, a Chatbot could fit in a business scenario with just a few lines of code and a single day.
As Hai Liang Wang , the CEO of Chatopera puts it: " When people communicate with the Metaverse, the Chatbot is the brain of the avatar . "
Chatopera provides Enterprise products such as Chatopera BOT Platform, CSKeFu Customer Service System and Voice Recognition Service to help companies quickly enter the era of artificial intelligence.
As earlier seen in movies, Chatbot will enable the flow of communication in the virtual world, leaving little space between our realities. This is why Chatbot will change the world. And Chatopera, is at the forefront of this experience!
Contact Chatopera t oday to learn more about how to deliver Chatbots for Enterprises.

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新知达人, Chatbot is the next paradigm shift, here’s why | Chatopera